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I'm a poor college student. Again...

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Some of us ride a razorblade wave of fire through an ocean of our own overheated blood. Whatever we touch, burns. Whatever we breathe upon in bad faith, freezes. Entering a room, we energize all those in our presence or act as a storm cloud, oppressing those within. One moment we are content to lie in bed and perhaps kiss, feeling soft and speaking of abtract things in hushed voices, content to let the sky fall around us. In another, our purposeless rage fans out and engulfs all those in our path. We are capable of pure, blind hatred and endless grief, emotional destruction on an unending scale, love so intense that it causes us pain and loyalty to the point of our own demise. We cannot but feel acutely. The freedom of our feeling is what imprisons us within ourselves. We are well-hated, sought after, scoffed at and envied. Some obsess from afar, too fearful to enter our arena. Others cling, never wanting to leave our presence and the fact that we cause them to feel. We are unstable and unpredictable, vicious and blessed. Some of us grow cold from fear and strive for nothingness, only to have the nothingness we seek grow fangs. ~Malice

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SNL - The Rock - Mr. Peepers

Papa Peepers!